We believe in the important work of our non-profit foundational clients, and take great pride in helping to fulfill their missions.  Our proprietary process helps board members fulfill their fiduciary duties and brings clarity to the foundational investment management process. 

Our 3 step process:

1. Living Investment Policy Statement - We believe that an Investment Policy Statement laying on a shelf does not ensure your fiduciary responsibilities are being met.   Buckley Investment Group developed the Living Investment Policy Statement - which is kept alive through our Quarterly Fiduciary Review. 

2. Investment Management Process - Your Investment Management Process follows our taking the time to clearly identify your needs and concerns as a foundation.  Once we ensure that your current investment policy statement is in line with the foundation’s financial objectives, we are then able to manage your investments accordingly.  

On a monthly basis, we carefully monitor the performance of the aggregate portfolio on a rolling three-month average.  On a quarterly basis, Buckley Investment Group prepares a comprehensive report which measures the performance of each individual manager against their appropriate benchmark, as well as the performance of the aggregate portfolio against its blended benchmark. 

3. Quarterly Fiduciary Review - The Quarterly Fiduciary Review provides an effective and efficient manner for sitting board members to ensure their fiduciary responsibilities are being met and that the assets are being invested in accordance with the Living Investment Policy Statement. As a Client of Buckley Investment Group, you will receive the Quarterly Fiduciary Review in a clear, concise and easy to review format.  You can take confidence knowing that your foundational assets are invested properly and that your board fiduciary responsibilities are being met with Buckley Investment Group.