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Investment Advisory services focused on you

If you'd like to learn more about how Buckley can help you live the life you've always wanted, fill out the form on the bottom and one of our Investment Consultants will contact you by phone or email (whichever you prefer) within one business day.

We work with less than 100 clients, managing over $100 million in assets in the Pacific Northwest region, and around the country. Our clients include foundations, corporations, state entities, trusts, estate accounts, individuals and families.  We act as our clients’ personal Chief Financial Officer, and ensure that their goals are met in a responsible way, through active portfolio management.

Our team’s mission: To help our clients achieve their objectives and to meet their individualized goals. When we take on new clients, they become part of our extended family, and in the past two decades, we’ve developed multi-generational relationships with many of them.

Getting started with Buckley couldn't be easier.

We know how intimidating the investment process can be to new clients, so we've made it simple and stress-free.

Step 1

  • Our office will contact you to introduce ourselves. We’ll ask you a few basic questions to get started (name, address, birth date, etc.).

Step 2

  • Our Operations Department will put together your new client paperwork, and then deliver it to you securely to sign.

Step 3

  • Our office will work with you to gather whatever financial documents we'll need to create your plan. Don't worry: We've been doing this for 20 years, in fact, we can often tell you exactly where to find a document we'll need.

Step 4

  • You're ready to meet with your Investment Consultants either virtually or in person for Session 1: Dream!

Investment Advisory Services offered by Buckley Investment Group, LLC

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