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An approach to helping investors select appropriate investments in line with their short and long term financial goals.  This approach is implemented by an investment consultant who does  in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them reach their needs and goals.

The idea behind an investment consultant is that they be part of the client's investment strategy for a long period of time. The consultant's job is to actively monitor the client's investments and continue to work with the client as goals change over time. 

Advisors are held to a fiduciary standard.  A fiduciary is held to the highest standard of care and a fiduciary must place your interests first.  Most investors, after learning that Advisors are fiduciaries and brokers and insurance agents are not, opt to utilize an investment Advisor for their financial service needs.

Because your advisory relationship is not based on commissions, you will know that any investment recommendations or decisions are for the best interest of your portfolio.  The inherent nature of the relationship is an alignment of interests between you and the Advisor - If your assets go up, the Advisor makes more; If your assets go down, the Advisor makes less.    Unlike brokers, Advisors will ensure that investments are appropriate for you on an ongoing basis, not just at the time of purchase.

Our fees typically range from 0.35% to 1.15% depending on the level of assets you have entrusted to us.  We never make commissions so there is no incentive to recommend one product over another for higher commission.  Please call us at (800) 610-1640 or email us to discuss fees specific to your accounts.

Our clients range from foundations to the individual client.  We serve as our clients’ financial advocate, helping them to find the most suitable plan through objective advice.  We also provide direction and coordination for our clients’ other advisors so that our clients are relieved of day-to-day concerns about the management of their financial affairs. While our clients’ investable assets typically exceed $1 million, we are able to serve clients at every asset level.

While it is not a requirement, we know that the best Buckley clients are institutions and individuals looking to establish a close, long-lasting relationship with their Investment advisor. 

Although Buckley is headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington, we work with clients across the country. Thanks to the development of new communication technologies, we're able to make sure the experience of our out-of-the-area clients is as positive as that of our local clients.

To do that, we use...

  •  Skype and join.me for virtual meetings.
  •  A highly secure web portal system to store and exchange sensitive financial documents.

First, you can expect us to get to know you well. We strive to learn as much as possible about our clients because it helps us to guide them toward better financial decisions.

Second, you can expect attention to detail, prompt response to letters, calls and emails, clear reasoning for our recommendations, diligent execution of the tasks at hand, and confidentiality in all matters.

Finally, you can expect absolute honesty and integrity in every meeting, every observation, and every recommendation we make. You can and should expect us to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in every aspect of our relationship.

Our investment philosophy consists of two separate but equally important ideas: Adherence to your proper asset allocation and utilizing high caliber money managers.  Portfolio allocation is of the utmost importance in maintaining the proper balance of maximizing returns while minimizing risk.  Our team works extensively in either creating, or updating as needed, your Investment Policy Statement.  Please see Living Investment Policy Statement for more about this important function. 

Our philosophy is to “see far by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  For each asset sector of your portfolio, we diligently research, screen, hire and monitor what we believe to be the best money managers available for your asset level.  If and when a money manager needs to be replaced, due to performance or personnel change, for example, we notify you and together decide appropriate actions to take.  

Since Advisors' fees are based on the assets and not on the products, they are not limited to investments that pay a commission.  Advisors have access to an open architecture of investments, including no-load mutual funds, loaded mutual funds purchased at the net asset value (NAV), institutional money managers, stocks, bonds, UITs and ETFs.  Also, advisory investments are absent any long-term contingent deferred sales charges, so you will not have to worry about liquidation charges or illiquid investments

If the trade is being made with Mutual funds it takes the trading day plus one business day. If you are trading equities, it takes the trading day plus three business days.

Overnight Check – Delivered next day (if cash is readily available) - $8.50 (Schwab)

Wire – Same day (if cash is readily available) $25 (Schwab)

MoneyLink – Deposited into account next day (if cash is readily available) FREE

The transfer process typically takes 5-14 days depending on the response time from the delivering firm. 

We have certified notaries on staff.

Once we have set your accounts up to use the web portal simply go to cwp.morningstar.com and enter the proper credentials i.e. email address and your password.

If you are wanting to change your current password go to the web site cwp.morningstar.com, log in and click on the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner.  This will give you a window to change your password.

If you can’t remember your password, then click on the “Forgot Password” in the middle of the page (make sure you have your email entered).  This will immediately generate an email where you can change your password to something new.

Or click here for additional information on the web portal system.

Best practice: Client's name and Schwab account number included in the Memo Line.

Also acceptable: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., with the Schwab account number included in the memo line. 

Investment Advisory Services offered by Buckley Investment Group, LLC

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